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Gestion Immoplex was one of the building managers who reacted first and foremost to the crisis by procuring the necessary sanitary equipment for its buildings from its preferred suppliers. Gestion Immoplex has been able to respond to emergency measures and continues to serve its buildings well and ensures maintenance and security with rigor!

The president of Gestion Immoplex Mr. Éric Pierre was asked by journalists as an expert and the Immoplex management team is very proud of it! The Gestion Immoplex team would like to thank all its syndicates who show great confidence in the work of Gestion Immoplex! Be careful and follow health and social distancing rules as much as possible. Thank you Immoplex Management team!

There has been a kind of race against time to find products, but we have to be careful and follow health and social distancing rules as much as possible.

Thank you from the Immoplex Management team!
Actions taken and health rules
A handwashing pump at the post office boxes in a building managed by Gestion Immoplex

Gestion Immoplex has established and followed rigorous health standards internally for its employees as well as externally to minimize contact and weaken the individuals concerned. Together with its suppliers, we have made sure to communicate and serve the buildings that we have been managing without any respite for several weeks. Gestion Immoplex has maintained a rapid response service to co-owners as well as monitoring the financial status of each building in collaboration with the administrators. Exceptional teamwork on the part of all stakeholders to ensure that daily operations remain efficient.

Gestion Immoplex has added hundreds of disinfectant dispensers at the first signs of COVID - 19. We have sent the messages of distancing in all required places including elevators, buildings, lobby and parking lot. All necessary precautions have been taken and applied. The Immoplex Management team has closely followed all government recommendations on health rules.

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