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Immoplex Legal

At the service of our syndicates, promoters and investors.

Trust our Gestion Immoplex team to have access to all the legal documents according to your needs.

Count on us to establish, update and keep all legal documents relating to divided and undivided co-ownership, declaration of co-ownership, certificate of location, business registrars, etc.

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Divided co-ownership

Establishment of the private portions and the percentages of the common portions of the building.

Fraction of co-ownership

Determination of private unit shares for condominium real estate projects.

Declaration of co-ownership

Establishment of the declaration of co-ownership, update or modification applicable.

Dispute management

Management and settlement of disputes between co-owners and syndicates of co-ownerships.
Tailor-made management

Contact us for more information.

We define our management approach based on actively listening to the needs of our clients and offering them personalized advice.

With this approach, you can be sure to benefit from quality services adapted to your reality.